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Team Comp Idea- Lets go Strat!

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Idea behind the team comp is a play on the protect the ''X' comps.
It's really very different from what is now standard.

4 Bruisers and 1 super long ranged carry.

Bruiser options-
Chogath, Darius, Olaf, Mundo, Jax, Xin, J4, Nunu, Shen, Malphite, Lee(Diana and Rengar if they are still viable....)

Ranged Carry options-
Kogmaw, Caitlyn, Lux'

My ideal comp would run like this-
Top Lane Chogath
Mid Lane Lux
Jungle Jax
Bottom Lane J4 and Darius-> Kill Lane

Who has a link to a video of someone running this type of team comp?
What could cause it to fail (via plays on the other team).
Can you think of better champions for each role?