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Wait time to get in game after leaving queue

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Hey guys (and hopefully Riot),
As much as I agree with the idea that Summoners who leave a game queue should be punished in some way (which in this case is a wait timer to join queue), I think it is also a burden to those who get it for the wrong reasons. For example, it makes sense for people who just randomly join queues and leave them to get punished in that way, it's very annoying to the other players in that case. However, I don't think it is very fair that, when somebody gets completely trolled out of their mind or is getting trash talked so much that they just don't even want to play the game, they still get the wait timer just like someone in the first example. I'm just giving my opinion and hopefully, one day, you guys will come up with an awesome way to stop this sort of thing from happening (ie. the Summoners who get unfairly "banned" from queue for a period of time, especially when it happens more than once, giving them an even longer wait timer).
Thank You.

P.S. If this is the wrong place to post this sort of thing, I'm sorry. I wasn't completely sure where I should post it.