Champion Prices

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Pretty sure Rumble, Maokai, Cass, and Ori all got price reductions from 6300. Champs are only high priced because it means they require some understanding of the game to be good with them. Like Jayce, he's one of the more difficult champs to play, you wouldn't want someone who just downloaded the game, to not only not understand the items and what they do/cost, but to also have no idea how to correctly play their champ. That's why low cost champs are much easier to play/much more straight forward
I can kind of see your point, but that's what the champion rotation is all about. When I first started I used Maokai as my first champ, and although I didn't understand right away (few do if you haven't played a game like this before) I still enjoyed it, and saved up the IP to buy him first, and got good enough with him. This is just an example, but I don't think the price has much to do with understanding either.

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The IP should get reduced every time a new 6300 champ comes out