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Ranked Game Trolls

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Warkus Agrippa

Junior Member


So I have to ask, and since it is a general question.

What is everyone's reaction when you decide to solo queue ranked, and a duo queue on your team explicitly chooses lets say: "two supports" and start fighting over the position, saying "I called it"?

This is more an obvious troll, when they blatantly call another position prior to that as if it is all normal. Then when it is their pick, the duo works together to pick the worst picks.

As I see it you can play the game and try for a 20 minute surrender if they're just going to troll feed all game, or you can drop out and spend 30 minutes waiting for your dodge timer. You could even troll them back yourself. As a serious question though:

What is the typical reaction to when someone does this? What is one supposed to do? Is it typical to just play the game and ignore the troll and then report him afterwards? Or is it reasonable to queue dodge?