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rammus runes & masteries for season 3

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hello there fellow LoL players im here to help get the stuff for rammus!
first off is the runes.
Greater seal of armor x9.
Greater mark of armor x9.
Greater glyph of magic resist x9.
Greater quintessence of armor x3.
Now time for Masteries.
Put 4 points in Durability.
Put 2 points in Tough skin.
Put 1 point in Bladed armor(to kill minions faster and get buffs faster).
Put 3 points in Hardiness.
Put 3 points in Resistance.
Put 2 points in Relentless.
Put 1 point in Veteran's scars.
Put 1 point in Safeguard.
Put 3 points in Juggernaut.
Put 1 point in Defender.
Put 3 points in Legendary armor.
Put 1 point in Good hands.
Put 1 point in Reinforced armor.
Put 1 point in Honor guard.
Put 1 point in Summoner's resolve.
Put 1 point in Perseverance.
Put 1 point in Tenacious.
Now the 2 spells that are helpful the most.
I know sounds dumb but it does come in handy the heal and barrier because of Summoner's resolve.
Now his builds the thing your gonna want(havent got the full build yet).
Boots of mobilty.
Guardian angel.
Warmongers vest(dont know if this would help tho).
Sunfire cape(good for getting buffs and killing minions fast like i said before).
Thats all i got for now just get something that gives you good armor(and magic resist).
Thats all i got for now will be posting and/or better builds.
Sorry if this didn't help but i will be getting new info to you lads.
thanks for reading this thread hope it helped cya.
(sorry for bad english im irish)