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Im New To The Game....

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Hello Everyone. Im new to this game. I just recently started playing but i havent played much because of school. My summoner lvl is 8. so i went into a game and i was trying my best.
But apparently our team sucked so Garen had to run at the other team and die constantly. from my point of view we were doing fine, we had some kills here and there. The Garen had no sense of teamwork or had no clue what the "summoners code". he was really rude to my whole team and it isnt fair for him to do that.

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first time Vayne

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Hey there, and welcome to the game! It's always good to meet new players. :3 Add the IGN "anotherAmishLady" if you would like some guidance in learning the game. That's the smurf I use to mentor new players.

On the topic of your terrible Garen, unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do or that Riot will do from here on the forums. In fact, it is a forum bannable offense to call someone out by name, including summoner names, so.......you might want to take that down before a Rioter having a bad day sees it or some jerk decides to rage at you. Seriously.

To answer your underlying question, though, your best bet is to submit discipline reports on players like him after the games in which they appear. On the game summary screen, to the right of each other player's name in the top right of the screen, you will see a series of little buttons. There's one for adding someone to your friend list, one for reporting misbehavior or lack of skill, one for Honoring people who have good attitudes, in addition to a few others. Click the "Report" button, and you'll be presented with a selection bar of report type categories and a text entry field in which to describe the situation. Those reports go to the Tribunal, where players vote to punish or not to punish reported players. Punishments range from warnings to bans of different lengths, including permanent ones. It's a reasonably effective, fully democratic system. I'd have reported him for "Unskilled Player," "Offensive Language," and "Refusing to Cooperate with Team."

I apologize if you knew that already, but I figured starting at the beginning would be the safer bet. Good luck!