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Add a PVP.net client reconnect button?

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I don't mean the manual reconnect button that the PVP.net chat has. I'm talkin about the client itself. As of the most recent patch, when I get that big red "Disconnected from PVP.net" notice in the upper left it just stays that way and my summoner profile data can't be loaded nor can I queue up for a game. Meanwhile, my PVP.net chat reconnects and all is well there and a reconnect button is there for me whenever the auto reconnect fails. There is no such thing for the PVP.net client. As of current, the "attempt to reconnect" notice just remains there indefinitely and I remain unable to access my summoner info or queue until I use task manager to exit the game (yeah, I have to go that far just to log out because the client remains disconnected from the server) and rerun it.

It'd be very nice if there was a manual reconnect button for the game client just like there is for the chat in times like these.