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Level 1 fight?

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everyone seems to think theres no advantage to a level 1 fight, but for an experienced player, there actually are advantages.

1. you can test out the enemy team, see what kind of play style they have, if they're passive agressive, they go for the weak, chasing, tons of tid bits of information to gain from it. though it takes a trained eye to actually pick up on these things. but as you play more you'd notice them

2. first blood is always a great boost to help start your game, more money you start up with, the easier it is to farm and thus get ahead of your enemy.

3. if you did well, you can force the enemy to go back to town while you are able to hang around if your not damaged enough and get a head start on gaining the levels, and then bullying and zoning out your enemies when they get back.

4. wasting those summoner spells. chances are you'll get them low enough such that they end up using up their summoner spells to escape, now when your laning, you can have someone sneak up and gank the enemy and they wont have their summoner spell to help them escape.

5. its all in good fun

now how you do it though does take experience and team work.

first off, any champion with a skill shot will have the advantage. they will be able to blindly shoot their ability into the bushes to check if your waiting there. if your team lacks skill shots, hang in the back of the bush, chances are the enemies are gonna shoot their skill shots to check but only upto the middle or the front, it'll miss you, but you'll see it coming. once they believe that the bush is empty they may want to occupy it to set a trap for you, instead you go and get up in front, the moment the first person hits that bush is when you unleash hell.

always target the closest squishy target you can find, force them to use that escape. now the moment the enemy ends up flashing out or using their ability to escape, this is when you switch targets, chances are the enemy team has been also going balls deep on you, but that means that your team must be surrounding them as well. this is when you'll want to use your exaust or any abilities to keep this target there. cuz even if they do use a flash or an escape, they wont get too far, or they'll go deeper to your side, meaning they'll be farther from their teammates for aid.

that would be the ideal way to handle it, if your the team that has the skillshots though, dont do what the above did, if you hit someone, great, back up and then wait for your abilities to go off cooldown and hit them again, chances are they dont have skill shots and are constantly getting wittled down. if they come after you then they'll be facing a team of full health champions while they have some damage.

if you dont hit anything, then instead back up still and then go around. chances are the enemy is either slow, or they were doing the trick from above, or they're going around themselves. if they are slow, then your gonna end up suprising them and cutting off their escape so they would have to go through you in order to get to safety, this also means you'll probably get the squishiest person in the group as well since the squishies like to hang back.

if they are doing the trick from above, then they know your coming for them, and will anticipate it, but if you go around, you might cut them off guard.

if they are going around and trying to get you, well they might not expect to see you and you can again suprise them and get the first strike.

the abilites you should choose should be abilities that are on a low cooldown, cuz level 1 fights are quick and who ever can cast most and do the most damage will tend to win, or if you have aoe damage to hit multiple people easily. those are the best picks for first abilities and level 1 fights.

hope this helps and gives you a better idea on how to handle level 1 fights.

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This is my strategy as Singed: when it comes to teamfight (if they're facechecking us in a bush, or whatever, I hit their squishy with exhaust (with appropriate point in masteries), hit my poison and run right through them on the other side (the side that squishy is probably trying to escape by now) in front of squishy, poisoning him. I guess it's kind of confusing to see me run to their side because they often seem lost for a while. Works for first blood for us in most cases.