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Hello to All From GamerGrind!

We would like to address some of the future changes we have in mind. Here is a list and a brief description of each feature or change that we have recently made or will make in the near future, along with some already in place features and plans for events. Please keep in mind that each of these can change at any point in time for any reason. Everything listed will be available for both NA and EU. Also, we are still taking suggestions for additional features. If you have an idea that you’d like to see on our website then please feel free to let us know, we will be sure to give credit where credit is due. In other words, GamerGrind will make sure that you receive credit for your idea and who knows, we may reward you for your idea! Now to get back on track, here’s the list:


- We've decided to completely redo the look of the website and I must say that we are very happy with the new look and functionality. Thanks TrueSkillz for all of your hard work. You can view the new look at Dev.Gamergrind.Com or click here. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress, the full website will go live very soon.


- This is a list of all players whom are currently searching for a team. Simply apply the filters to match what you are looking for, and then search through the list for your best match. This feature simply requires you to sign up.


- Each player will have their own individual profile. You may be asking yourself “what information will be included in the player’s profile?”

- We’ve received many different requests as to what stats should be included on the player’s profile page. I’ll start by saying that we are still working on making as many of these requests possible without making the profile page too cluttered or hard to read. Information that will be included on the profile page will be released shortly. Again, if you have any suggestions please send me an E-Mail at


- Fairly straight forward, this page will simply display a list of teams that are currently searching for members and specifically what they’re searching for. The team manager will also have a comments field to type in any specific details they’d like players to see. Team managers, if you have any specific features you’d like us to include on this page, make sure you let us know! We’re good, but we’re not mind readers. Again, the E-Mail to do so is


- That’s right. TeamSpeak. GamerGrind now has a TeamSpeak server just for you. The reason we did this is simple. We want to make forming a team as simple and convenient as possible. More importantly, this also allows members to communicate before giving out any personal contact information. This is our gift to you. <3.


- Now for something a bit more exciting even for us. GamerGrind will be hosting 1v1 – 5v5 tournaments monthly. This also includes Dominion tournaments. The prizes will vary depending on the size of the tournament. The prizes can be anywhere from RP, to CASH MONEY, to the latest gaming products (huge variety). I promise, we’re probably more excited to start giving these products away than you are to receive them! So be sure to participate! Otherwise who will I give these prizes to? *Sad face*


- GamerGrind has made it a bit easier for you to watch your favorite players. Watch your favorite pro’s or trolls, if they’re online and in a game, you can watch. The best part is, this not require the player to be on your friends list. You could also use it to watch a player you may be considering for your team. This feature in general is all around useful.

This will be an awesome experience for us all, and we’re more than thrilled to finally get everything rolling. The features, events, and changes listed above are just the beginning. We look forward to growing with all of you.

View the new look at Dev.Gamergrind.Com or click here.

Note: Can you draw? GamerGrind is currently looking for artists! If you feel you have talent, please contact me at your convenience by sending an email to with an example of one of your drawings attached.

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