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rune help :D

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hey guys! i have Malzahar and im not sure what runes to get for him. im getting magic. pen marks but im not sure for the rest. any suggestions? thanks

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I'll help:

First, I'll probably get some people saying I'm wrong, but, I'll explain why I do what I do; I play Malzahar as one of my mains, and at FIRST, I did this:

Straight AP.... which was stupid and didn't do much.

Now I do this:

Magic Pen Marks, Magic Pen Glyphs, Magic Pen Quintessences (They're all Tier 3) and Cooldown Seals, which I may change soon.

That's it. The reason is this:

Once I got my Runes up to Tier 3, I noticed that the AP I started with from my Runes and Masteries, was ****. You can't get above a certain amount of AP with Runes and Masteries, and the number is so low it really doesn't help.

Say you have mostly AP, and, no one would want to do just that anyway, but for the sake of argument, say you did. Well, you basically spent thousands of IP on Runes, that give you about the same boost, as Amplifying Tome.....

So thousands of IP, can do in game what 400 Gold does. It's just not worth it to me. Magic Pen on the other hand, though something you still can get in game with Items, is a little more Rare.

Really, there is Sorcerer's Shoes, and.... Not much. Well, not much that will stack anyway. Most people say Void Staff, but Void Staff is "UNIQUE" Magic Pen, so it won't stack. So you can only get a certain amount with it and that's it.

On the other hand, if you get ALL Magic Pen Runes except Seals which don't have any, and then go for Sorcerer's Shoes, you have a decent amount.

Now get Abyssal Scepter. It says you get Magic Resist, and it also gives you AP, and also says you lower Magic Resist of Enemies around you. Lowering Magic Resist translates to what? Magic Pen!

So, Abyssal Scepter, in a way, gives you more Magic Pen.

For AP, get Items, and don't bother with Runes. You literally can't get enough to matter no matter what Runes you have, and Magic Pen also has Archaic Knowledge in Masteries for 15% more.

So, get good AP items, and get Magic Pen, and you'll be whacking people quick.

Just for an idea, I generally get these, not in any order, and not always the same ones, but the ones I use most are:

Arch Angel's Staff. Great for AP, great for Mana. Malzahar is starved for Mana most of the time, especially early game, get it first.

Abyssal Scepter.

Deathfire Grasp

Rylai's Crystal Scepter. 80 AP and 500 Health...Awesome.

Basically just go to the AP section of the store, and get what you can with decent AP but something else, like Health and so on.

Also don't forget Zhonya's Ring. The Big Stick of 80 AP is nice too.