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Item choices

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So I am looking at the list of items available and the champs I like to play. I have 2 basic champ types I like, and for this discussion I'll be talking about my 2nd type: Master Yi, Trist, and potentially Ashe.

Now, let me start off by saying I dont have the best dexterity in the world. In other words, if I have to push too many buttons, I cant handle it. There are a lot of good items that have Active abilities, which I just eliminated out of hand for that reason: too many buttons to push. Between my champ abilities and ignite, thats about all I can handle.

I like staying alive, but I can do that with my other set of champs. For this type, I want to lay down the hurt on the enemy. So, sure, I could go for Banshee's veil and other protective items, but instead I choose to focus on offense. Here is what I chose:
Ninja Boots
Starks Fervor
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Madreds Bloodrazor

Why did I choose these? Well, the offense snowball items that dont have actives loose their bonuses upon death. When I play these champs, I die. So there goes snowballs.

In order to stay alive a LITTLE bit, I get the boots (with dodge) and some lifedrain items. With the crits, high attack speed, armor penetration, and of course high damage items (plus the handy magic damage added by Madreds), this gives me a pretty good damage output, some reasonable defense/regen, and nice tower killing ability, all without adding too much complexity to my game.

So, how do these choices stack up? Are they good choices, given the criteria I listed above? I didnt do a cost/benefit analysis or gold per stat calculation, so I dont know if I am choosing items that are overpriced or whatever. But this seems like a good goal set for me.

What do you think?

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i have played with yi a lot and i use that build for him to i think its a good build yi is more a late game champion anyways