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[Suggestion] Introducing Player Review

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Hello fellow league players!

This thread is to discuss an idea to remove one of the most annoying things you find in a game: trolls.

As we know, ranks is in the game to help determine the weak from the strong. However, it does not help determine the trolls from the 'all around good person' player. Yes we have the honor system, however people can honor you just by asking them to. Not only that, the honor system will STILL put you with people who are less honorable then you.

So how do we separate the trolls from the actual players? Player review.

At the end of every game (meaning at the end game lobby) each player should be able to review other player performances. How it works is you can click "give a good review" or "give a bad review" which will be tallied like the honor system. Those with a generally high tally of good player review will have teammate with similar high good player review tallies. Those with low "good" tally reviews or high bad tally reviews will be put in teams with similar reviews (meaning trolls will be put in a team with trolls, and players will be put in a team of players).

No longer will we be in games with just annoying players. Not only that, the good thing about this is that its not based on skill. If you are a generally 'ok' player who still strives to learn to be a better leagues player, you can be put with people are good players as well who can help you get to where you want to be. instead of being slammed by trolls.

If you are one with high bad tally reviews, you will also be able to reset your reviews by spending anywhere from 1650-3150 rp to do so (it has to be high so trolls on reset just to continue trolling good people).

Thank you very much, leave any sort of comments below. If you have any suggestions to improve this review system or any questions, please leave them below or message me in game.

Thank you for all your time.