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Some ideas for ranked champ select on the troll situation and dodges

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Since I have a lovely 30 minutes to write this out, here we go.

It took me 2 entire minutes to come up with these ideas, and we're just spitballin here, but what if the duration of the dodge was 5 minutes? Just like normals, except for ranked? Why is it 30 minutes? Why must the person who refused to play a losing game be punished?

So here's my first idea, what if you could flag the person making the problem. There's a community called ESEA (Esports Entertainment Association) and they have this block system that if enough people block someone they can't play in a ranked PUG (Pickup Game) so they are forced to get their karma up elsewhere. So these people causing the problems will eventually be put into games with only people with all these flags so it'll just be a bunch of people who can play ranked doing whatever they would like. Now this would take about a month to work its self out, but eventually it would really clean up the trash. Or maybe they just all together can't play ranked for a certain period of time kind of like a ban, but not from the whole game.

Then here's another idea, how about when people are accepting to join the game, if a player you were with last pick is in that game on your team, you can see and choose to dodge without ever having to really dodge and be punished. There was this certain person the last 2 picks that wouldn't say anything. He just picked a solo top champ with flash teleport and didn't say anything. He was 2nd to last pick and even though someone called top, he was apparently going to play it. So someone dodged, and my buddy and me think we're in the clear we queue up again, and this guy is there again. We ban Xin, which was his pick last game and he picks Nasus...doesn't say a word. So my buddy ends up dodging and has to wait 30 minutes because we couldn't see he was in our last pick. Something so simple that can be implemented and really help.

Some good things here Riot I really think you should give it a looksie.