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LF an awesome clan.

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My main Support champs which is very much needed in ranked play.

I Main Sona.

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Hey! I'm Sniperwolf1336 with clan .img. We have 70+ members with a great community supporting lots of games! We have ventrilo, in house tournaments, a competitive team, and a good attitude overall. If you wanna join contact me or another admin for support.
Admins: OMG Hakz, Fallingdust, KaytoStyles.
Or go to http://inmotiongaming.com/index.php

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Fever is starting it's Fall Season league and are now taking registrations. We currently have 40+ members who play LoL with all types of skill levels. We have 350+ total Fever Clan members. The league is only open to Fever members however so you will need to join to play. If you would like to register a team after you join Fever you can do so here:


If you are interested in joing a great gaming community which also supports FPS games like CoD, BC2, L4D, MW2, soon to be Black Ops and RTS games such as Starcraft 2 then you should check us out.

You can see the LoL section of the forum here:

We are US based but we have players from all over the globe and there is always someone on our Teamspeak server to chat and play with. We have recently started to serioulsy get into playing LoL and this area of our clan is starting to build.

If you decide to join up remember when registering and when filling out your application that Sir Stabby reffered you and I hope to see you playing with Fever Clan soon.

Come check us out at http://www.feverclan.com and see what you think.

|Fever| Sir Stabby |2LT|