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Started normal 7 minutes late Nidallee - GP/5 Currently TOO strong ADC abuse.

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Just tried it for fun, got 2g/10 from mastery, 3g/10 from runes, also had pickpocket which i tried my best to abuse.

Managed to pick up a kill before the minions spawned, luckily i bought brawlers, so i started the game with an avarice, less than 5 mins later, bought a philo, another 4 or so, bought a kages.

Game ended up going for 34 minutes, i ended it with 16k, 8/3/12, 163 minions.

Next closest in gold as 14k, 14/2/21, 79 minions.

Items i ended with were, Rabadons, Seraphs Embrace, Lichbane, Sorc shoes(alc) + Kages/Avarice and 3k or so in the bank.

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Guy on a bus:
It probably took you 5 minutes to farm enough gold to buy that item, leaving you at 25 minutes into a game before you get any profit from this item.

dont you have to factor in the BENEFIT you get from the item itself when considering the value - depending on what item, you either get crit, ap or regen, you still benefit from that the entire time. so the item pays for itself before 25 mins at least....no?

You dont get the gp5 for the income alone, you get it to offset the fact that youre not getting cs (because you cant farm or are support), while waiting to build it into a better item

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Dr Knee Gro:
OP didnt do his research or his math... anyhow, to your second thread...

I'd like to add to this notion.

Guy On A Bus:
I dodge spears ALL DAY LONG.