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Matchmaking needs adjustment

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Oftentimes when I browse through forums, I always see players complaining about teammates. Though these threads are not as common as other rage threads, they still show very prominently and consistently. In game, complaints are even more prominent. The attitude towards other players, especially teammates, is always extremely negative. This is partially due to the fact that the teammate, to put plainly, sucks. There is always one player in the game who feeds and causes a snowballed game. Having this less experienced player always creates a negative attitude in the game and also creates a less enjoyable experience for all players, including the winners. As much as I like winning, I hate 20 minute games (win or loss).

A 20 minute game is a waste of time and really does not underline the purpose of this game, which is team fights.

Laning is boring.

Nobody enjoys playing the first 15 minutes of the game. Nothing exciting ever happens and players just sit around last hitting minions. Oftentimes, the game is also dictated in these first 15 minutes. It really is hard to die in this game... but time after time you see players dying 5 times within the first 15 minutes, ending the game already. More than 50% of the games I play end in 20 minutes (including ranked), and not a minute more... I really am tired of stupid players who feed and forfeit on either team. Leavers are also prominent, and leavers leave for one reason only, because they can't match up against their lane.

If matchmaking was fixed to be narrower, then players would be within a competitive range of each other.

All 20 minute surrenders stem from the weakest link. The one player who is not at the same skill level as everyone else. Most often times, this person, after dying twice gives up, leaves, or feeds intentionally; snowballing the game even further. The game has methods to fix unbalanced champions, such as bans and patches, but there is no method so far to fix matches.

If matches were more narrowly placed, then players would be on an even plane. This would prevent a lot of snowballed games. Attitudes would change a lot in game as well because players would have nobody to talk trash to. Overall I feel that the game would be better competitively and communally because of the fact that everyone would be evenly matched. Although score ratios might not look as great, it would definitely make the game last over 20 minutes.

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i enjoy carrying my team if there was no skill gap then i cant wreck in my games and that defeats the whole purpose of the game