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Amumu Build

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Junior Member


Just played a game with amumu and built these items:
Merc Treads
Sunfire Cape
Abyssal Scepter
Liandry's Torment
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Aegis - game ended before i could build bulwark.

I play pretty aggressively with amumu, and i like the damage/survivability this gives me. I was a key player in teamfights, with aoe damage coming from despair/tantrum/curse of the sad mummy scaling with AP, sunfire cape, and the 10% burning from liandry's with rylais impairing movement around me. The two auras i had also benefited my team. But i'm looking for ways to improve. Thoughts and suggestions? Is this a good build?

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Uncanny Doom

Senior Member


I would usually run a build like this if the AP is fed or they have multiple AP threats. I think it's a great build for situations like that. I don't think it's optimal to just constantly build every game though. With almost any champion you want to build based on what your team needs or what is a threat on the enemy team. Like I said it's not a bad build but you definitely don't want to neglect stuff like Frozen Heart or Spirit of the Ancient Golem (which gives you some flexibility on the boots) with Amumu.