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IceFrog Controversy.

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Lime Fiasco

Senior Member


Just as an update to this "conspiracy"


This being more reliable than a random blog. FYI George Broussard is one of the original Duke Nukem creators and a co-owner of 3D Realms.
Select quotes:

Ex / current Valve employees tell me the IceFrog/DOTA blog post is all false. Good to hear. Now, where's Half-Life Ep3?

Was more the Valve politics and perception that were issue, vs him working at S2. Who cared about that at all? Non issue.

The one thing that really gets me is all the claims that "Pendragon (or Riot in general)" is the one behind this. Obviously I can't say they are not but I want to believe they wouldn't stoop to this level. Who knows for sure though, business is a dirty thing and maybe this is a way to reassure some top execs or shareholders they can keep Valve from taking over. Probably not, but once again, business is dirty.

Maybe a red can post info to make me feel better?