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A bit of general advice for most players

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First thing is first, this advice does not just pertain to this game but to any game and to life in fact if you so wish.


Yes I know it's a dreaded word among many of the summoners here but I strongly advise you understand the advantages to education and how it can help you play better, have more fun, and quite possibly win a game for once.
1. Look up how to google.
2. Look up how to breath.
3. Look up how to play (whatever) lane

Congratulations you are now basically ready to play normals, for ranked I advise practice along with even more reading of specific characters, positioning, ward coverage, importance of ward coverage, runes, masteries, cs, buffs & timers, playstyles, etc....

Take all criticism constructively

Although first thing you want to do when somebody says "purchase a ward please" is to punch them in the face and explain to them they are wrong because you don't need the valuable vision by using the eloquent statement of "No **** you" perhaps you should review what they said. Although this may be a difficult concept for some you are not the hottest thing since sliced bread or as crisp as a bag of chips. This is not call of duty, please try to act a little more intelligent here.


Although this would fall under the category of education by technicality I found it's importance to be high enough to make it it's own category. Read up on it. Being caught out sucks, you die and your team has now lost a crucial component to its genetic makeup. Due to evolution your team will naturally die while missing said component. Natural selection at it's finest. Let me equate this to a real life story of mine that you could possibly relate too. It's sort of like being caught outside of a girls bedroom peaking in, by her dad, who is your boss, your pants are down, Johnson is standing erect in perfect attention, and she is 10 years old. It's not a good situation, keep your pants on, and don't get caught out.

Don't be a troll

First and foremost to all my stupid green friends. You don't exist. that's just an excuse. You are actually terrible at this game and nobody is buying your little act.

Admitting you have a problem

When you suck, admit it. When you need help, ask. When you stare at kids too much, don't admit it. People might kill for that one in some places.