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S3 Jungle Jarvan Build

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What do you think are some of the better S3 jungle Jarvan builds?

I just won a ranked game (1585 elo) and did really well with this build:

Start--> Machete, 5 pots
T1 Boots
Spirit Stone
Giant's belt--->Spirit of the Ancient Golem
Berserker Greaves
Glacial Shroud--->Iceborn Gauntlet
Ruby Crystal--->Black Cleaver (game ended before I could finish Cleaver)

My team:

Xin top
Orianna mid
Miss Fortune and Morgana bottom
Jarvan jungle (me)

Enemy team:

Jayce top
Akali mid
Corki and Taric bottom
Malphite jungle

I picked the items for my build because Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Iceborn Gauntlet gives me nice armor against Jayce/Corki. Spirit of the Ancient Golem also gives me a big health boost to survive Akali burst since there isn't many good MR options now IMO. And Iceborn Gauntlet gives me decent damage and really strong aoe movement impairment in teamfights along with my W and ult. Black Cleaver was to fill in the damage I missed out on since I didn't go Lantern/Triforce. I felt that I was a lot tankier than a Triforce build, but I did a little less damage (though that would have been fixed with finishing Black Cleaver).

I really liked my build, and even though I used it against their specific comp, I feel it can be a good general 'core' build. Also loving jungle Jarvan. My EQ combo is basically having Malphite's Ult at level 2 . Any thoughts or other builds?