just started playing Ashe...any tips?

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Just like the title says. I just bought ashe and started playing her and I really enjoy her. I mained nasus so this is a whole diff play style. I was wondering if any Ashe vets could offer up a few tips for her! Thanks.

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Frag Pulf

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Ashe is ranged physical carry. Therefore Attack Damage is the way to go.

Basic Runes for any physical carry:
Amor Pen
Flat CDR
Leveing Magic Regen

But that's just the basics. As a ranged carry it is always a good choice to stack Doran's blades. If you are having a slow game you can buy up to three of them before you move on. Her items after that are very generic. Infinity Edge on her is a must have in my opinion. But don't get carried away with all AD! If you are playing against a heavy physical damage team pick up a Thornmail (B. Veil for caster team) for some good survivability.

Playstyle tips:

Don't harass with your Q on to much. It'll drain your mana pool very quickly. Instead when they are half way pushed up, push back using volley. I recommend at least leveling Hawk Shot once before level 6. It lets you check for ganks and gives a bit more gold.

Your ult. It IS in fact a global ult. It DOES in fact have a low cooldown. It DOES in fact deal massive CC. So when to use it?

-Great initiation move if your team can get in fast.
-Backup initiation, after your first hardcore CC wears off keep them down with your ult.

-That stun can save teammates. If a teammate is running down lane to you fire your ult to stop any chasers.
-Good for forcing them to stay under your tower a few seconds longer

If you saved it during a team fight it is great for last hits on runners.

Ult Mechanics Tips:
-It goes through teammates
-It flies until it hits something and/or flies off the map.
-It does go through minions

Overall Tips for Ashe:
-Ashe has great harassment methods, Volley + constant Q mid game will allow you to hunt down most any champion.
-Hawk Shot has a long cool down, I never realized this at first.
-Watch for when the enemy buys Merc Treads.
-Olaf will charge you no matter how much CC you put on him. If he is chasing you, just run.

I hope these tips from just an avid LoL player will help you. I know you asked for Pro-Ashe help but I hope my experience is enough to help you.

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Grab teleport. Arrow towards someone from base and teleport to a nearby creep. You just scored yourself a kill.

Unless it's been changed in the last half-year (and it may very well have been, there was a large period of time where i wasn't playing) the distance required to reach a maximum stun on her ultimate isn't that huge, a screens length away is enough to seriously incapacitate an enemy.