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Thoughts on Raveneous hydra

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kavinh the third

Senior Member


same as season 2 tiamat........................dont build it

basically the same item as season 2 but with a measly 10% lifesteal which is 10 life per 100 damage, which is negated by something as simple as red buff. if you plan on being a factor late game ud have cleaver blood thirst and last whisper combined with MR and Armor/health.

hydra is noob bait item with the only use on owning nothing but minions

major difference though hydra in s2 had no lifesteal like u said but it was also an extremely weak end game item and doesn't have the active. the active is actually amazing it's essentially an aoe 1:1 spell on a few seconds.

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Senior Member


That's only partly true.

It does work with Nasus to an extent.

If your Q's attack results in multiple minions dying then he gets the +3 for each...the bonus skill damage does not get applied in AoE though, that much is true.

So, it does help Nasus farm Q, even if it doesn't splash the skill damage...

That said...I wouldnt build it on nasus...and I wouldn't play nasus in ranked currently...

This is false, Nasus can only get +3 damage once per Q. However, it's decent on him as a final damage item because he has armor shred, lifesteal, and AD. But it doesn't work with his Q.

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it's insane on Fiora when she uses her ultimate