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Snowdown Showdown 2012

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PussPounder Esq



I have a general curiosity as to why you choose the champions you do for holiday skins. I mean let's face it, does the world really need another Katarina, Fiddlesticks, or Veigar skin? And hell this is now Ziggs 4th skin 2nd extra skin since release. In fact it's his 2nd in about 4 months as well, because Pool Party came out 4-5 months ago during summer.

I mean we coulda seen like Raindeer Hecarim (I know he got a skin recently so not as likely)

Maybe something like a Santa's helper Trundle where he runs around in a green elf costume and beats people with a candy cane and his pillar of filth is a snowman coming out of the ground or something

Hell a Santa Nautilus or something where he's got a santa suit on, the large section on his back was a bag of presents and hi anchor was a big candy cane.

You coulda done something with Rumble where his robot became a walking snowglobe or something, maybe have a snow blower instead of a flame spitter and when he used his shield he had it turn into a globe or something,

You could have done some pretty cool holiday stuff with Malzahaar's particle effects (but he has a fair bit of skins anyway)

Teddy Bear Volibear maybe with a windup knob on his back, and a bow on his head or something of the sort to look festive

Hell even something not 100% holiday themed but in the spirit of winter like a frost dragon Shyvana woulda been pretty cool, where she's clad in white&gold armor her AoE and E are blue, and she's like a white dragon with a slightly darker tinted white for her wings, and she's got big ass blue eyes

Just some thoughts on it. I mean Volibear came out what december of last year, hasn't seen a skin. Shyvana got one a few months ago but she's about a year and a month old now, Trundle has been around since before I started playing, and hasn't seen any new skins which is upsetting, because he's a great champion. Rumble same idea as Trundle