Question on dodge queue timers?

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In solo ranked queue why cant we get a free dodge once a day or something. I've had to many games where my teams has started fighting before we can get down with the third pick on my team. And every time i play thoughs games we loose. I dont just mean a close game I mean one where three of my team mates just say **** it and either feed or just blow the game off and do what ever. Also I had to wait about 25 minutes because of this. My team was doing fine till the second person picked veigar and the other three **** them selfs. they said he had to play support because he couldnt go mid with him. So i dodged cause they couldnt get along i didnt want to play a game we were defiantly gonna loose.

So what I'm asking is why we cant skip these games its kinda BS how i have to be penalized for not playing with people that cant work together. Whats the point of trying if before the loading screen people are already calling names or just flat out *****ing. Or am i just in that elo hell every one talks about. cause it seems like every fourth game now I have a good team.

Also I dont mind loosing. If every one did the best the could and we lost I'll exept that and try the next time. But when I get a team that cant work together for **** i jsut get pissed off and have to play bot games to calm down >.>

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I agree that it can be frustrating to be stuck with a group of "ragers," and it would be nice to just leave with no penalty, but then SO MANY people would leave ques. It would be annoying.

But I think 1 or 2 free leaves per day would be good.