Ap Sion Builds (?)

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I main Ap Sion, and it's kind of embarrassing but I feel like I should have a more solid build with him. I'm actually a decent elo, better than the average player. Right now I have 12 wins in a row in ranked with ap sion. I'll be in the 1400 bracket very soon, since no one 1300 or below has even come close to my ap sion mid. I want to refine my champion so that I can be confident to play mid at what ever elo I may venture into.

I was wondering what kinds of builds do you guys use? What do you rush first? What do you start with and what are your masteries?

I start, boots and 3 hp pots if I am against a safe poke champ in mid. If it's a mid who likes to trade I start dorans.

This is a typical build for me, and in this order. It feels like after rabadons I am not building right...

Dorans>boots>blasting wand>T2 boots> Rabadons>Void Staff>Banshees>Zhonyas>Litchbane.

Any help, or just what you do would help.