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Cait 2nd and 3rd Item Help

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Hi guys, few questions about building cait in season three. Is it still optimal to be going IE as first major item? What's the best damage items to build after that (adding survivability as needed)?

Should I be going IE -> PD -> LW most of the time? What's the difference between IE + 2 PD's vs IE/PD/LW. Is there ever a time in terms of armor amounts on tanks where 2 PD's is more desirable? I feel like the extra crit chance and attack speed (proc'ing passive) is nice. Is there ever a time where going IE into BT would be better?

I know build orders really depend on the game in hand and the current situation, but I'm looking for general build order advice for cait that will cover the majority of situations for season three (I don't think things have changed for her from season 2 that much right?).

Thanks a bunch!

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I mainly play Cait on dominion, so please keep that in mind, but it shouldn't make too much of a difference.

IE / PD / LW is still good, IE / PD / PD is still good. If you want to read up on LW vs PD, I highly recommend this post by Gentleman Gustaf: http://www.reignofgaming.net/blogs/a-different-view/gentleman-gustaf/21273-yelling-about-last-whisper . It was written in Season 2, but the concepts, and most of the math, are still valid. Still, the fact that % pen is calculated before flat pen now makes all kinds of penetration more desireable, so there's probably more reason to get LW than before.

Some suggestions: Runaan's Hurricane and Stattik Shiv are worth experimenting with, they both give you insanely fast wave clear, which is great if you happen to be split pushing a lot lategame. Zephyr is also a generally good ranged ad item, the only problem is that the Tenacity and CDR are somewhat less useful on Cait vs other ranged carries.

Glhf, let us know if you find anything OP

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There is some debate as to the theory crafting behind different item combinations at different times, but you really can't go wrong with

IE -> PD


BT -> PD if you're farming alot and in no danger of dying often

As for 3rd Item (other than boots), you have a few options:

IE/BT -> If you want flat out damage, aren't getting focused and don't need Armor pen.

GA -> If you are getting focused.

LW -> If enemy team is stacking armor

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It is no longer worth rushing IE now. You are getting Vamp Scepter anyways for sustain in lane, and the sheer amount of AD scales very well with her Q and R. IE is 3800 gold, where getting the BT after scepter is only 2200 gold.

BT -> PD/AS Item -> IE/Secondary AD Item/Pen Item -> Survivability Item

boots ofc depend on wherever you have the money to do so. Remember to upgrade to Furor.

My personal build:

BT - Zerkers/Furor - PD - IE - LW - GA/Mercurial