the horse boy that attacked the monkey

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1 Week Ago

one day there was a mankey. the monkey was liking the goat girl soraka very much. mokney offerd sorkaka a banana and sorakak took it and accepted the monkey's love. tht monkey's name was wukong.

one day sorak was walkin hom when sudenly, the soun of tuhndering hooves were heard. out of nowhere, hecarim jupmed and blokced soraka's path.

sorkak sed, "leave me aloen ok ples"

but the hecarimjob said, "i knoe u lov these hooves bby."

soraka could not help but notice hecarim's big, strong hooves and started to blush. "ples let me go hoem to wuknag."

"oh bby u knoe u don want that flimsy monkey boy when u can have me, big strnog horse man." sed hecraim

sudenly out of noewhere wukng sed "fit me hecrim i wil ffit u for sorkakcs love"

thye fought a long battel for 12 days until hecrim stabed wukong in the dck wit his hoove and wukong died rip in peace.

the end.

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1 Week Ago

gr8 story m8 i would r8 8/8