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LF Jungler 1200+ Elo

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LGD Poseidon

Senior Member


Hello, I am the leader of Team Demi Godz NA, we made a lot of presence last season but we are currently short a jungler due to finacial issues and a top. We are preparing to start our rank games on our brand new team and enter tournaments starting the beggining of next year. Our practice times are 5PM Central on the weekdays witch I am very strict about, so if you can not make the timing do not waste time and try out.
We do have fun but I do advise you to go try hard during each and every game, simply because perfect practice makes perfect :P
We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate, even if you do not have a mic you must have it to at least listen.
Most tournaments will be held on weekends (fri-sun) around noon so try to have your schedule free at those times.
And if you are serious about being on a team and aiming for that pro level no matter how long it may take add me and let me know you are eager to try out
Website: http://lilk67.wix.com/team-demi-godz#
Team Stream Coming soon
LGD Poseidon

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Hey, I'd really like to join a team. I play jungle and my rating is 1350. Hit me up in game when you can.

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IGN: Zombietaint
Role: Jungle
Main Champions: Maokai, Elise, Kha'Zix, Amumu, Malphite, and currently working on Nasus
Elo last season: 1360
Extra: I am a great fight caller, I communicate clearly, I'm trying to find a try hard team like you say yours is. I usualy play from 5-9 Central, but sometimes home work gets in the way but ill try to do it during my offs to get more practice time in. I learn champions quickly and can change play style at a moments notice. My main play style is aggressive but i'm content with passively farm when needed