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@Riot Please Change Syndra's look

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Every champion in League fits some kind of "trope" with minimal overlap with other champion's tropes. This is good character design as it appeals to different kinds of players and freshens the general look of the game.

Syndra does not have good character design. The feeling I'm getting is that she's a kind of "baddass female overlord thing with balls."
Simply put, this is incredibly dull, has been done before, and Syndra adds nothing new to the table. What part of Syndra isnt accomplished by Morgana, Diana (so similar that Diana's skin had to be changed), Shyvanna (even their helmets look the same) or even Orianna (balls)?

Gameplay and balance aside, what Syndra needs is some changes to her art design to make her stand out a little bit. This can be simply done.

The simplest suggestion I have is to give Syndra something that "makes" Syndra, Syndra. Varus for instance, wears a scarf across all of his skins. Fiora has a cape-thing. Ziggs has his grin.
The whole floaty "im a female malzahar with balls and a weird helmet" thing doesn't really cut it.
So the suggestion that I have is to make her design similar to that of her skin, namely, her helmet covers her eyes in her skin (the golden thing). I suggest that her original model be changed so that her helmet also covers her eyes in a way similar to that of her skin.
The reasons for why this is a good idea: glowy eyes are in just about every single champion in league, Syndra doesn't need it too; eyes are often viewed as a source of character and emotion by people (you "read" people through their eyes), covering this up adds a layer of mystery to Syndra, who is supposed to be a "Dark sovereign" and whose in-game voice suggests little emotion. It would also add a source of continuity through her skins.
A female "dark sovereign" with mysterious covered eyes is a trope not explored. I mean, Syndra will still have overlap with other similar champions, but this change would be the easiest way to make a clear differentiator. It reminds me of something from...digimon for instance, Angewoman.
Not the best source, but I just want to show that the covered eyes adds a level of mystery and unfamiliarity.
Without this continuity there is almost no reason why Syndra's art concept couldn't have just been Diana's second skin. They basically represented the same thing (badass dark female).

Further suggestion:
One thing that has always bugged me...is that Syndra is supposedly a "Dark Sovereign," a pretty regal and intimidating title. Yet...Syndra shows lots of cleavage...and wears nothing on her lower half than a thong and some lingerie (and the dress that she has makes a good effort to flap open at the good parts).
I don't know about you, but in my mind a girl with a fancy helmet and lingerie would not be something I'd call a "dark sovereign."
The amount of skin showing just doesnt fit her trope. I find it difficult to take serious or be badassed by a character that is throwing cleavage and scanty clothing.
This isnt about feminism; the loose strings that cover up her lower half just make her look kind of ridiculous, when in comparison to her fancy helmet, armor and title.
Characters like Ahri, Miss Fortune, or Evelyn kind of make sense with this *appeal* design since their tropes revolve around *appeal* (eve is a little pushing it tho imo...).
Syndra seems to want to be taken a bit more seriously, so I suggest changing her outfit to allow more cover-up. Cleavage can stay, but the whole g-string thing going on with her lower half, and entire back, that stuff just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Finally, personal opinion, I feel that Syndra's splash art makes her look kind of derpy. The perspective makes her look big-waist/small-head, combined the expression on her face (AND shes exuding "dark power" YET SHES FLYING AROUND IN LINGERIE), it all just makes her look like something I can't take seriously.
I mean just look at her. I'm not trying to demean the artist, but I do want to voice that I don't think the splash gives the right vibe (her boobs are popping out of her chest MF-style).

I think that cleaning some of these things up will actually make more people interested in Syndra, who I personally think is incredibly sleeper OP, but not enough people are interested to dedicate some time on her (I would personally play her more if I didn't feel like I was a female mockery, a downright power-hungry stripper. I'm a guy and I get uncomfortable playing her for these reasons).

TL;DR Syndra needs something in her art design that makes Syndra, Syndra. I suggest taking the "helmet covering eyes" look that her skin shows, and applying it to the overall champion concept. On top of that, given her "Dark Sovereign" trope, the amount of skin she is showing seems contradictory, and covering her up might make her "cooler."

edit- even drew up a quick sketch to show what i mean

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did i say/do something wrong...why no one comment