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lack of general gameplay knowledge is hurting the player base

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I do not think this should be a surprise to anyone. Obviously, this applies to high elo less, but most of the player base is considered "low elo". The reason why there are so many raging people in lol is because in low elo games, very often you see one side surrendering at 20 because the laning phase got completely destroyed. by surrendering at 20 so much, you basically only learn the laning phase. there is no information from pretty much anyone (correct me if I am wrong on this) about when to transition out of the laning phase and start doing things as a team. For example, many people will complain that they get camped by the jungler. Instinctively, the solution would be to help them directly by coming into their lane and help gank the enemy laner(s). However, not many people divert the pressure from the camped lane to their own lane by applying a lot of pressure to their opposing laner(s). Stuff like this are very helpful to players since a substantial amount of games end after people give up when they are dominated in lane. In fact, this kind of knowledge only comes from either thousands of games played or in-depth strategy guides on the flow of a game. obviously, the flow of each game depends on the champions selected, but there are only a few general comps that a lot of these champions can fit into (which most people do not understand). I think everyone can agree the most fun games in lol are the ones where the game is going back and forth, and most people just do not know how to get to that stage (partly due to surrender at 20, but also due to lack of knowledge)

If this is a legitimate issue, the party with the most access to the player base should be responsible in addressing this issue (via guides/videos/etc). In the case of lol, this responsibility should lie on Riot. No other group has as much reach to the community as riot does. Stuff like champion spotlight is an excellent starting point for new players, but for level 30 and above, single-character guides are not going to cut it. If riot or some other group can make general strategy guides for team play and comps, it would definitely promote more teamwork, which increases the fun aspect.