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The New Wardstones

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This been quite a problem I see many games. I personally play mostly adc and mid and understand that warding is a really big part of the game. Since the preseason patch released, I was excited because of the new sightstone. But the result didn't turned out to be opposite of what i thought. Instead of encountering supports to purchase more wards, it's limiting it. Now supports always just rely on the (2-3) wards from the wardstone. There is a game I remember I ask my support why not putting any wards on the river or bush. Then, he told me he haven't bought sightstone yet so can't do. I was speechless, and I started to buy wards as adc in early game. Then it really mades me mad when it's getting late game, and there is always only 2-4 ward onthe map (1-2 I places not as a support). I ask the support again to purchase some wards. Then again, he tell me the "the sightstone onlly allow me to place 2 wards. ...I was like what the hell is the 75 gold ones for?... Of course, we teamfight in jungle and we lost the game. At first, I thought i have to just go with it, becasue there are some players that often disagree with you. But this situations is getting often where there are only max 2 wards the whole map the whole game. And it was less of a problem before, because there is not sightstone to blame on. I hope Riots noticed that they nerfed the supports instead of buffed.