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The Void Outbreak - Chapter Two: Alliances (or quite)

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Recapitulating chapter 1: Kassadin had broke into a reunion of the High Summoners with the news that something had begun. The Arch Summoner got shocked and revealed a tenth law in the Summoner's Code: Overthrow the Governs


The room were silent as no Summoner had any words to express the torrent of thoughts in their minds. The Arch Summoner then asked Kassadin to take a seat - what he refused. Then he asked the situation.
-The Voidlings had stopped popping into our dimension. At the same time Malzahar's cult also stopped their actions and they scattered across Valoran. I begun to investigate it. As you know, the Death Singer and me have created with the the power of Nexus crystals Inhibitors all around Valoran with the purpose of halting Voidlings arrival to our plane. In that night where Karthus were found destroyed I avoided Malzahar from crushing the Institute of War Inhibitor. What I did not expected was that he would learn so much from solely that single battle. He has found a way to remove the charge from small Nexus crystals like the ones used in my Inhibitors. And what is worse is that he deactivated all inhibitors at the same time!
-And you knew nothing form that!
-The Void Walkers are few while the Cultists are many. He overcame himself this time.
-Damnable be Nashor! And what can we do about it!?
-A war. A worlds war.
-Kassadin... You know better than any man in Valoran what the Void strength is. Do we have a single chance?
-Arch Summoner, do not fool yourself. Becoming a Void Walker has showed to me how ignorant I am about the Void everyday. I do not know if we can win this war, but we must try to preserve our home.
The Arch Summoner sit back in his throne. He thought for many long minutes when he finally spoke.
-Let's decide a strategy then, shall we...?
Institute of War, Reunion Hall
None of then had a single idea about what they were doing there. All champions were summoned to the Hall. Normally champions from allied cities would be called to discuss with themselves and with their Summoners better strategies but now they had Morgana and Kayle, Viktor and Jayce, Shen and Zed, Jarvan and Swain and Garen and Darius, all of them reunited in exactly the same 4 walls. If their confusion weren't bigger than their hate they probably would have already begun to try to kill each other.
Finally one of the High Summoners appeared in front of then, on stage.
-Ahem, I would like to apologize for this unexpected reunion but--
-My boy, I have a ton of more important business to attend to, could you go right to the point. Spoke Jericho Swain, already annoyed with the waste of his time.
-Uh... Yes, sure. From this day all enmities between champions must be forgotten. You all will work together from now on.
An unison "what" came from the champions. Their confusion were nearly intolerable.
-It is completely anti-strategical to ally deeply hated foes together! Screamed Lux. Swain Nodded.
-I do not need allies! Said Syndra.
-The only thing they will rrrealize is hold back my glorrrious evolution. Said Viktor.
-I REFUSE TO TAKE SIDES! I WILL ONLY FOLLOW THE MAGIC!!! Screamed a determined Veygar.
Finally the Summoner managed to silence all champions.
-From this day on, not even forever enemies like Demacia and Noxus should fear the war.
Jericho Swain stood up, disgruntled.
-And care you to tell me how is that possible?
-Simple, we got a problem way way more important.
As the Summoner sayid that, all the curtains of the hall were magically opened, revealing a gray rainy sky with many purple stars-filled holes all across it.
-I was afraid this day would come... Said Zilean in a momentary lucid moment.
-Ladies and gentlemen, I am really afraid to tell you your new enemy finally arrived... The Void.