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[Shop] Enemy Team's Shop opens Shop Window

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Robot Jake

Junior Member


I'm not sure if this is also the case on Summoner's Rift - and even if it was, the in-game shopkeeper is much further from the fighting - but on Treeline, clicking on the enemy team's shopkeeper opens the Shop UI, same as clicking on your own shopkeeper.

Problem is, when the fighting gets quite intense around north of the enemy nexus and an enemy champion retreats to the plate, it's quite easy to accidentally hit the shopkeeper, usually by aiming a skillshot, and get a facefull of Shop UI in the middle of what may be a game-deciding fight.

Am I the only one who experiences this problem? Is this necessary? Is there a way to remove this? Would removing the Shop UI on clicking the enemy shopkeeper also remove it from the friendly shopkeeper? If so, is that really a big deal?

Let me know what you think.