Hi guys. Found a funny issue.

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2 Weeks Ago

Whats going on with those shyvana dragon form wings? She wouldnt be able to fly with those. They aren't attached to her torso and they're on the wrong side of her arm. 2 of her 3 fingers on each hand are attached to the wings only, not to the arm. These fingers will be useless because they are supported by nothing but wing membrane. Maybe its the angle of the picture but, from what i can see, the wing anatomy is completely incorrect and not suitable for flight. frankly, shes worse off than a penguin with those "wings."

same concept as the below plane picture. it would be impossible to fly with a wing that isnt completely attached the the base/body. the wind would pass through and you wouldn't be able to get lift.

They arent even wings. They are flaps on the arms.

Give her some proper wings Riot.

We already have a Dragon in Runeterra. Ebonmaw, The Terror of Zaun (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ebonmaw). We know what dragons look like in League of Legends. This should be reason enough.