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Jungling with Tiamat-Tiger Udyr

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Guys what do you think about jungling with tiger Udyr profiting the 3rd season?
I mean starting with machete-going for any of the spirits, and mostly tiger tiamat.
Jungling with Udyr is usually done with phoenix stance for its AoE, but that can be covered efectively with Tiamat
Why doing this? Because I personally think that tiger stance is murderous and it shouldn't go to waste.
So here's my ideas:
-starting with tiger from the start and save for tiamat as 1st big item, or
-starting with phoenix as usually and transition to tiger ASAP
Also, what do you think of Blade of the ruined king for Udyr? Is it a good item? and how convenient is to stack lifesteal with Ravenous Hydra? With turtle stance, Hydra itself and BT/BotRK you can get to some crazy AoE lifesteal
And finaly, Mercurial Scimitar is core now? What about Trinity?

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I have actually tried Tiger + Tiamat. From my experience (albeit limited) I would only recommend it if you can afford to fully commit to a ravenous hydra so you get some added life steal. Tiger + Tiamat is quite fun though. I plan on using it as a core damage item and then building tanky and getting a wits end.