Ultimate indicators for allies

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Brether 2

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Hello to anyone who reads this, I'm a player from LAN server, Sr Rexaedro, and I bring to you an idea to simplify a bit engage calls. I don't really know if this idea was posted before, so if it was, delete this post.

You know the circle in the champion's portrait that becomes green when the ally has it's ultimate up. The problem here is that it only shows when our ally has it's ultimte, so we have to ask how long until he be able to use it again. So what if that circle is changed for another circle which gets filled as the ally's ultimate refreshes it's cooldown.

For example: Warwick's ultimate has around 60 seconds of cooldown at level 3, so when it be at half of it's cooldown, 30 seconds, the circle in the portrait will be half-filled.

Other idea can be changing the green circles for a timer that shows the cooldown of the ally's ultimate.

I pretty much like the first one more than than the second one but it is up to you.