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Looking for jungle rammus advice

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I keep hearing he's an avid jungler, but i dunno, just haven't seen it happen yet

So i'm wondering what are peoples usual setups routes?

0/17/13 mastery?
1/21/8 mastery?

Rune choices? (I have quite a lot to choose from)

Red: ArPen, Mpen, Crit Dmg %
Yellow: MP5/lvl,Flat Armor, 5 dodge runes (could fill out the last 4 if this is an ideal choice)
Blue: MP5/lvl, CDR/lvl
Quint: Flat Health

And i can buy more, i'm looking to make rammus my main tank (currently malphite, who i love, but he kinda falters late game as a tank) and am looking for all options available to him

Thanks in advance for any advice :-)

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There are several different ways you can do a jungle rammus. Youtube has a video that shows a successful jungleram.

My personal build is Magic Pen quints and reds, mp/Level yellow, and Magic resist Blues.

1 usually go 1/21/8 with 3 points in experience bonus.

Masteries are Fortify and either blink/ghost/teleport

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This guy right here has all your jungle needs.. i was also curious and youtube is wonderful for all your questions.. just watch this and all your answer are there.