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Your thoughts on removing the Bloodrazor

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Tauren Stomper

Junior Member


Hey there League Community

I have a topic to discuss. This is also a question for the admin, or Riot form answering dudes/dudets.

Madreds Bloodrazor removal:
So, I saw somewhere that the madreds bloodrazor was removed because it was both, expensive and didn't synergize well with many champs. I would like to explain my view and then ask what Rioters think and also what the Community thinks. First off, I loved the madreds. It was the item that had AD properties while adding anti-tank capability that wasn't countered by armor. This is a very attractive trait for me on some adc and fighters.

Madreds Bloodrazor on adc with a crit build:
The Madreds had an on hit ability that activated with every basic attack. Therefore it "scaled" with attack speed. One well known crit item was the Phantom dancer, which gave some crit, gave attack speed(which synergizes with the madreds, and theoretically increases the number of times crit will proc in any amount of time), and move speed for chasing escaping. This allowed me to rush the madreds, with it I was able to dominate champs that went high health early, as the madreds gave AD(which synergizes with fighters and adc), attack speed(again good with fighters and adc), and some farm capabilities along with protection all on top of %max health damage. Immediately after that I built 2 phantoms which GREATLY INCREASED THE EFFECTIVNESS OF THE MADREDS. Even on an adc where the %max health damage was magic damage, this item still had huge use and synergies.

So my question to the ladies and gents of Riot. Did you remove the Bloodrazor for the reasons I stated above or were there other good reasons as well? I realize that you guys probably analyzed the item a lot before removing it, but after reading my very short analysis, what are your thoughts on its usefulness? Is the Madreds Bloodrazor something that may be reconsidered in the future? And thank you for your time

My question to the ladies and gents of the Community. Do you miss the Bloodrazor? Can The Sword of the Ruined King really be considered a counterpart to the Bloodrazor in your opinion? did you(or do you) prefer %max health or %current health damage? Is there anything that you would like to see in the Sword of the Ruined King or the Madreds? Do you think that these items can both co-exist in LoL without being extremely op? How do you think that can be achieved?

thats all I got for now, give me your thoughts, I would love to hear them. HOWEVER, please be respectful, I dont care to see people being nasty on these forms and i'm sure Riot feels the same.