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Animation Cancelling/Stutter Walking to Increase Attack Rate

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So, I've been struggling with my Attack Damage Carry game for a long time. Obviously, one of the core skills is last hitting. I've done a bunch of reading on the subject, and I've found conflicting information on the subject of stutter-walking/animation cancelling.

-The Idea-
Basically the idea is that you can fractionally increase your attack rate by cancelling the "back swing" animation of your auto attack by waiting until the exact moment that a ranged projectile leaves your weapon and either (1) hitting the stop button and right clicking to attack again immediately, or (2) right clicking to move and then right clicking a target to attack again immediately.

-The Question-
I have found conflicting information and I'm hoping to get a definitive answer from Riot:
Is this still a thing?

-The Answer-
It was definitely a thing in DoTA, and supposedly at one time in LoL, as well. Conflicting answers claim "of course" and "not any more".

I've tried to test it and I'm not sure if does or doesn't work, sometimes it seems to but could just be my imagination and sometimes it really doesn't seem to, but I might be doing it wrong. Help?