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Nevin’s residence ((closed RP))

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Xander Blade



Within the walls of Demacia, outside the hustle and bustle of the main part of the city, there is a quaint two story home. Inside the main entrance, there is a set of stairs. On the left side of the stairs there is a fairly simple kitchen; with a fridge, oven, cupboards, a table, two seats, and a hextech television. On the right side of the stairs is a small living room with a table in the middle and a bookshelf. Surrounding the table is a couch and four chairs.

Going up the stairs is the master bedroom and a guest room. The master bedroom as a king sized bed with a dresser, lamp, and chair on each side. On the far wall are a fireplace and a window. On the opposite wall was a walk in closet. There are a few articles of clothing in it, but most of the space in the closet is largely unused.
In the guest bedrooms there are two twin sized beds. There is a table with two chairs, a drawer, and a dresser.

there are two bathrooms. the master bathroom has two sinks, two drawers,a toilet, a tub and a shower that can both fit up to two.

the guest bathroom has a sink with a cupboard above it, toilet, and a shower/tub combo.

((This will be either invite or people I have listed that can openly come. Since there will be mature themes *insert standard mature themes warning here* you have been warned :P))

Current list of people that can come in openly: