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A Short informative guide for new Rammus players (Jungle)

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Urf Warrior



Rammus. The best initiator in the game, who can single-handedly win your team the game in late game by catching the opponent off guard.

When you play Rammus, you need to jungle, plain and simple. I am not going to tell you how to jungle Rammus, what runes/masteries to take or the like, you can search Mobafire if you don't know what to build early game. Mid game though, I would say a Shurellias is vital on Rammus. You thought ganking with powerball was effective? Try powerball plus 40% movespeed (I know there is a soft cap, ignore that for now.)

The reason you NEED to get a shurelias is because Shurellias is a great item to have on your team, and getting it on a champion who directly benifits from it is a huge bonus. While getting it on a Sona is viable, Rammus is much better suited for it. What I mainly want to talk about is how you will gank lanes with or without a Shurelias (Dat spelling.)

First thing first. Blue-->Wolves-->Wraiths-->Double Golems-->Red-->Wraiths-->Gank mid. You should always gank mid as soon as you finish your starting route simply because Rammus ganks are insane early game. Aim to gank mid just to blow the enemies flash, getting a kill is extra. If you can blow their flash, you are pretty much guarenteed a kill on your next gank so long as your mid has some sort of cc, but even that's not always needed.

Second thing. You will never powerball into minions. This can't be stressed enough, NEVER powerball into a minion instead of the champion you're trying to gank, it ruins the whole gank and makes you look like a tool.

Thirdly, you always take the first blue and the first red, no matter what (Unless one gets stolen by the enemy). You may choose to take the second blue if you fell behind early on, like died during a gank. After the first-second blue, all the rest of them go to your mid lane, even if they don't use mana because CDR is insane on champions like Vlad, and Kennen. Every red buff besides the first one goes to either your Top lane bruiser, even if it happens that it's a Kennen or Vlad, or your bottom lane AD Carry. Who gets red buff should be pretty obvious by which team you're on.

Moving away from ganking now, and on to late game. There are a few things you NEED to understand late game. First one being you are the initiator. You should be initiating 90%+ of the fights for your team. This means you decide when to fight, and not your Irellia who failed top, and came out of lane with three deaths and 44 cs.

Now how do you initiate? You do not taunt the first person you see and assume you did 'all you could' No. You taunt the people who need to be taunted, the AP and AD carry. There is no point in taunting the enemy Cho'Gath who has 2700 HP, and 100 armor/magic resist. Same goes for say an Olaf, for obvious reasons.

What happens if, by chance, someone else on your team initiates, which will happen because let's face it - it will? You will assess the situation and act accordingly. If your team initiates in a 5v4 where you have the advantage, you will take a look at who is not there for the enemy team. If it's a support, taunt their carry and proceed to **** on them. If it's their AP carry who is missing, and you see coming to the fight because your team has insane ward coverage (Lol.), then you will take the role of zoning them out. That means once you see that Brand roll up with full build, you'd better be powerballing right at him. The reason you do this is your only role is to cc the enemy. You are not a damage-dealing champion. If your team can force a 5v4 fight, you can assume that if you peel off to zone the brand, your team should be able to win a 4v4, because one of their champions is a support, hopefully.

So how do we zone an AP, or an AD carry? We powerball at them, hit them, and see what they decide to do. Chances are they will try to run away from you, in which case you don't waste taunt on them and try to solo them, because you can't. You keep them out of the fight so they can't burst anyone on your team, because a Brand, or any other AP carry is not going to be able to kill you. You have health, and magic resist - and lots of it. So you're zoning Brand out of the fight, but he decides to try and run past you to get into the fight. That's when you taunt him and once again peel him off the fight. hopefully by this time your team has won the 4v4 fight, and you sat on the edge with Brand watching him try to help his team.

So to recap:
You will gank mid to blow his flash, and continue ganking any lanes that are overextended, or even in the middle of the lane.

You will buy a Shurellias.

You will not hit a minion with powerball. Ever.

You will give all blue and red buffs to people who actually need it on your team.

You will always initiate fights when your team has the advantage

You will peel and zone the enemy AP or AD carries depending on the situation.

I hope you've learned something, post whatever you like.

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Junior Member


Could you name a good beginning-first b build? I'm new with Rammus and I want to be more effective but by the time i clear red I'm decently low on health.

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Senior Member


Could you name a good beginning-first b build? I'm new with Rammus and I want to be more effective but by the time i clear red I'm decently low on health.

This. I just picked him up and would like to read how you build him. By the way, nice guide.

Also, in your experience has S3 changes been kinder to Rammus?