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Ban system

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Ed Khil

Junior Member


As a leaver who is trying to reform, I find that the ban system is not as effective as it could be. Here is the cycle I have found myself falling into:

1. A ban expires. I resolve to reform and stop leaving games.
2. I do well for a few weeks until I encounter a particularly painful game (usually involving client issues and flaming teamates, but that is a different issue entirely). I break down and leave. I find that nothing bad happens. I am actually able to start a new game far quicker than I would be able to if i had dodged.
3. Having been positively reinforced, I find my definition of an entirely intolerably painful game is somewhat lower. Within a few days I find myself leaving again with no adverse consequence.
4. This cycles downward until I find myself with another (well-deserved) ban. The cycle then repeats.

So basically, I am suggesting that I be banned more frequently. I feel a 1-day ban upon the first regression into leaving would short circuit the cycle. Maybe have it so that when players reach a certain leaver level, every leave is a insta-ban?

I understand in the end I am responsible for my own actions. I am just suggesting that a system like this would make reforming a lot easier for me and players like me.

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Senior Member


I like the idea if it were reasonably possible. Unfortunately there are players who disconnect and it's not their fault. Those players would find themselves receiving unjust bans and that obviously would decrease player satisfaction.

This seems to be an Issue that you need to work out on your own. You might also want to think about what happens after being punished too many times. You might be able to get away with leaving a game in the short term, but the long term affect is more than just a time ban. If you really appreciate the privilege of playing League of Legends then you will find a way to be a more positive player and stop leaving games. Otherwise you will keep getting banned until you cannot even get banned anymore because you will have been Permabanned.

I hope you find a way to better yourself and prevent getting Permabanned. I personally love playing League of Legends and I assume you do as well. If you feel that you cannot change your habits in time you can ask me to help and I will do what I can to make sure you can keep playing.

We don't know each other, but we are both Summoners in the League of Legends and Summoners do everything they can to help each other out!