LF S3 LeBlanc Guide

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Lil Miss Lori

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I'm looking to get into buying/playing LeBlanc because I have a love for AP bursters. I played Akali this week, but am not a fan of melee combat. My skill isn't too great in order to keep myself alive. So, I've decided to give LB a try!

I haven't been able to find a good guide for her, however. The guides on solomid and mobafire, are out of date, the LoLKing guide is incomplete, and LoLPro has pretty bad comments (and tells me to buy a haunting guise first thing, which seems a little off for LB?)

Anyone have some tips? I was thinking of going...
Boots 3
Sorc boots
... and then building from there, assuming I get that far into the game. Does she need more CDR? I'm not quite sure how to handle this chick.

Thanks for any tips!