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Removal of Steel Legion Lux.

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Lone Cub:
Well, that's tragic. She still looks terrible. Will be passing on this skin until the day it goes on sale, and even then, only if it's a 975 skin. Simply not worth it. Potential on this skin went completely untapped and the only fair thing about the skin is the particle effects (which would have been far better spent being worked on for her other skins, or a new skin altogether).

Oh well. Generic Futuristic Skin #57632. An absolutely terrible theme on a champ that is so far from needing a futuristic skin that it is clear the skin development community has their head in the clouds. Sigh.

So, you don't like the skin, but you still plan on buying it? Do you understand that you're telling Riot that you don't care what the skin looks like, because you're STILL going to buy it at some point?

Seriously, I feel sorry for anyone at Riot who comes up with a Lux skin knowing that they have to please the prudish and whiny Lux players. Be glad she's even getting a skin when there are champions in the game that haven't gotten ANY skins beyond their release ones, and those skins aren't anything amazing either.