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How often does the Tribunal take "this guy's a hacker!" reports seriously?

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Not much of a point in me saying this besides that it bothers me but, "hackers" shouldn't be referred to as such. Instead they should be referred to as Cheaters for a couple of reasons.

Cheaters mainly use programs that run while the game is being played and might have to press a few buttons to activate certain cheats during game-play. Cheaters simply don't play by the rules.
Hackers press many buttons at a very fast pace. The reason for the term "Hacker" is because it's like the person is hacking at the keyboard due to how fast they are typing.

Cheaters and Hackers are classifications just as much as Readers and Writers.

I understand that Cheaters can also be Hackers and Hackers can be Cheaters.
I also understand that people who create cheats are usually hackers in the common use of the term.

I don't expect this post to change anything even though I'd appreciate it if people were to say Cheater instead of Hacker in future discussions.

I suppose I should state that I wrote this post because I was bored and it made me feel better having wrote it. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I agree with most in this post.

Hacker has turned into one of the most ridiculously overused terms in the entire Internet.

Downloading some script and running it in order to exploit a cheat in a game (a script someone else wrote, that exploit a cheat that someone else found) does not make you a hacker.

Cheater is one word.
I prefer script-kiddy.