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This forum quality pisses me off

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Your King

Senior Member


you sound like a whiny little *****

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Seriously, this forum lacks even the basic functions all forums should have.
No avatar, no signature.
Extremely buggy login system on mobile
Login redirects you to home page, not where you left off.
Sucky ui and layout
And the unneeded separation of us and eu
No real modding system or moderators
No youtube parser
The extremely unnecessary confirmation page whenever we go somewhere outside this forum (the caitlyn confirmation page)

Instead, what we got are Upvote and downvote system and summoner code blur text.
Get your priorities right riot.
This reminds me of how LoL lacks the pause and replay function.

Hi! This is NotrlyRiot here. We all agree with you and the forums are something thats been neglected for sometime now. We do plan on upgrading it at some point however its a low priority right now as we are crazy busy putting our resources towards balance changes, champ releases, and skins. (The usual stuff we are constantly working on)

Have no fear though its on our list! (Right above the lore delivery revamp!)

Hope that helps!