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IE Idea - Buff/Nerf..

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I was just thinking of how not much ADc are building IE? Well, in the games I play anyway...
I was just maybe thinking, we should get a new item, and take out the PICKAXE from the IE, and make a NEW Item... That ONLY can be build into the IE..

Making people want to buy this even more, I was thinking, an AttackSpeed/LifeSteal Item..
Forsay, Long Sword And Dagger, turning it into the "New Item" I was hoping Riot would come up with something creative...

After that you still haft to buy the BF Sword and Cloak of Agility Turning it into the IE...

Leave your ideas here, or agree with mine. ~

Oh right forgot one last thing...And make it have an On hit effect, making it deal more Crit Dmg over time, to make up for the loss damage, maybe a bit OP? But lets see what people haft to say about it.