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Wouldn't consider myself bad with Akali. I certainly know a few different ways to build her and the basics of her play. But, was wondering if anyone had any advanced tips/tricks to playing Akali and how to handle some of her counters.

1) Should I keep the shroud down at all times while farming in lane?
2) What lane is she best in?
3) Summoner spells? Flash + Ignite only?
4) Skill order? R E Q rinse and repeat? Q R E? What works best & Why?

Anything else I may have missed Thanks in advance!

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Morde bad for akali to lane against.

So should probably give a little more detail to how I run. Here it is. Also! Wondering if Tri Force is a good item on her. Run her with it a few times and it seems to work, but have also run Lichbane even though she has no mana.

x9 scaling AP Glyphs
x9 AD Marks
x9 Scaling health Seals (Prob switch to armor?)
x3 AP Quints

4 Sorcery
4 Blast
4 Deadliness
1 Havoc
1 Arcane Knowledge
1 Brute Force
1 Mental Force
4 Archmage
1 Executioner

4 Durability
3 Resistance (MR)
1 Hardiness
1 Veteran's scars

Boots x3pots -> Hextech Revolver -> Sheen -> t2 boots -> Haunting guise (or giant's belt for health) -> Needlessly large rod -> Hextech Gunblade (WoTa sometimes) -> Liandry's torment -> Lichbane/Tri force -> Deathcap -> Situational

End build: Boots (Merc or Sorcs), Gunblade (or Wota), Liandry's Torment, Deathcap, Lichbane (or Tri force), Situational (Guardian angel if focused, Abyssal sceptre, Void staff, Rylai's)

I start with first point in her Q then E at level 2. I take W at level 4 and max Q first followed by E putting a point into her R when able. My rotation generally goes Q R Q E using W as cover if a second person shows up or the enemy player hits like a truck, heh. So I tend not to use W a lot even when farming.

No TLDR sorry

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1. Shroud in laning can be used both aggressively or defensively, depends on how your lane is going. Offensive means you use it to deny their exp and gold by putting it behind their minions and camping there. Defensively is for an equal or losing lane, prevents dying from ganks or overall lane domination.
2. She is usually best in mid, top is viable though.
3. Flash and ignite is usually the way to go. Extra damage and movement utility is mine, exhaust is viable, although usually unnecessary.
4. Depending on where you are really. Laning, just Q, R attack and return back to farming for burst. In a short battle QRattack/E works well. But for long sustained battles (fighting like 10 Cho'Gaths) minimise use of E since your energy pool will drop fast. Attempt to Q before using R, but doesn't mean never use R first.

Most of the time Akali should win against most champions early game, and ones that counter you early, let them win and concentrate on survival and farming.

My build is: Sorc boots, (hextech revolver), rylais, gunblade, lichbane etc.
You should always leave flexibility in your build, so my last 2 items change here and there. Some items I get include GA, Liandry's, Deathcap, Void Staff

I tend to tell myself to avoid Liandry's unless fighting 100 Cho'Gaths in a team fight.

My skill order is Q W Q E Q R Q E Q E etc.
The earlier W is because you won't be using your E anyways at level 2, so might as well get a more safer skill.

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I play Akali mid quite often, and occasionally top as a counter to certain champions (Vlad, Teemo, Elise, Nidalee). I build differently than the other people who have replied:

1. Longsword + 2 potions. The longsword makes farming easier, and you get 8% spell vamp for that extra sustain.
2. I build Rylai's Crystal Scepter next for extra health and some AP. The slow helps, too, so you can save your ultimate for critical moments in a fight, rather than wasting all the charges as a gap-closer.
3. Upgrade to Sorcerer's Shoes.
4. Next, I build Will of the Ancients. High spell vamp on Akali is a much have. Spell vamp is what has allowed me to score numerous quadra kills.
5. Rabadon's Death Cap, next!
6. Liandry's Torment next. This item is a must because of your capability to spam abilities.
7. Finish up with either a Guardian Angel or a Zhonya's Hourglass. I usually go with the Guardian Angel.

I level skills with this priority (most important to least): R, Q, E, W.

While farming, use W if you are being harassed. You can also use W to move between the opponent and your minions, denying them farm, and harassing them if they approach.

In team fights, your job is to kill the enemy adc in the first few seconds of the fight. I suggest this combo: R + Q + E + auto-attack, then W to avoid damage. Repeat the combo, then use your last R charge to escape to the enemy closest to your team.

I suggest Akali against:
Twisted Fate

And others...

I hope this helps.