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[Must read] Suggestion regarding 5v5 Solo Rank

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Endless Izanami

Junior Member


Before I start, I would like to thank the Riot Support, Cooky Muncher, who has forwarded my suggestion towards the RiotGames team.

I have a suggestion that RiotGames should consider implementing in game. This suggestion is aimed at the problem in all Ranked 5v5 solo queues.

1. Leavers - This is a very big problem among players, mostly causing them to be outrageous due the fact that they are losing elo.

My suggestion on this is that RiotGames should implement a new system that when a person leaves, thus making it 4v5. The leaver should lose 2.5x the normal amount of elo deducted during a loss and the rest of the players in that leavers team lose only none to 0.25x the normal elo loss whilst the winning enemy team gains the same amount of normal elo.

I ask this to many people during when I play solo 5v5 queue. Most of them agree to this as this is a fair decision. If the leaver had connection problems or unintentional disconnection, I would have to say that my suggestion should still apply to them, losing 2.5x the normal elo.

Why? It is their problem. Other player elos should not be affected by the person who is having troubles reconnecting to the game. Their problem shouldn't involve their teammates causing them to lose elo.

My feedback on the game is unfortunately unsatisfying as I continue to lose elo every day and makes me play the game less often due to losing from leavers.

I would like you guys to post constructive feedback on my suggestion if you have any or at least give your thoughts on this!

Thank you for reading.

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xXCFXx Avenger

Senior Member


It has been suggested many times and it will always receive the same answers:
A. this encourages bullying EX: " ****in nub taric u lose game, DC so we don't lose elo cause you are ****!"
B.This will raise the players elo ELO across the board, which is something Riot has said that they do not want. EX: there will be games where players only gain elo, and no one loses it.
C. It might not be their fault, your logic: "Their problem shouldn't involve their teammates causing them to lose elo." can be turned around. If a player's power has gone out then it is not their fault either. So why should they lose elo as well.
D. Most importantly, as long as you never leave a game, you will gain elo from leavers. MATH: if you played a thousand games. And everyone of them had a leaver, randomly on your team of the other. But you never left a game. you would have a win loss ratio of 600/400. that seems pretty good to me. (that assumes that the team with 4 always lost)