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[Fix] Proving Grounds

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Quincy Uryuu



I was just playing a 1v1 on the Proving Grounds and thought of a small tweak, or fix that would make it a more fair place to 1v1 or play ARAM on. I just so happened to be playing against a Teemo, and noticed how much of an advantage being able to place mushrooms on the health relics gives Teemo, it's almost a game winning tactic if you go AP. So I suggest that riot give the health relics a very small area of true sight directly on them, so it's possible to kill the mushroom, or pick up the relic without triggering the a mushroom that's nearby. Yes, I realize people are probably saying "well you should just buy an oracles idiot!" but if i spent money on a temporary potion worth 300 or 400 gold (not sure of the exact price at the moment), that still gives champions like Temmo and Shaco an advantage on the map. So please consider adding a small ammount of true sight to the health relics on the Proving Grounds.

Thank you.